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Masai Mara National Reserve is located in south west Kenya and is a vast scenic expanse of gently rolling African savannah plains measuring 1510 square kilometers in area and bordering the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the south. Masai Mara is a unique wildlife conservation haven famous for its spectacular natural diversity of wildlife and is the premier Kenya Safari location in East Africa, offering visitors numerous reasons to visit this animal paradise. Large numbers of Lions, Cheetah, Elephant, Rhino, African Buffalo, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Zebra and many more animals are found in the park in their natural habitat, unconfined and free to roam the vast Kenyan wilderness stretching for miles on end.

It is no surprise that tourists from the world over travel here to experience a Masai Mara Safari tour, more so as the reserve has been voted one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Regarding the origin of the name, the word 'Masai' comes from the Maasai tribe, nomadic inhabitants of the area and the word 'Mara' is their word for 'spotted', referring to the ubiquitous flat topped acacia trees, shrubs and bushes that dot the landscape across most of the reserve.

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Masai Mara now also comprises a number of conservancies and group ranches bordering the main reserve and is home to some of the most diverse species of African wildlife and is also the site of the annual Wildebeest migration, simply known as the 'Great Migration'. Masai Mara National Park is famous for this migration, during which large herds of a million plus wildebeest, zebra and other wild animals including the "Big Cats" migrate north into the Mara from Serengeti National Park. This migration typically takes place between July to mid September and involves the wildebeest making dangerous crossings through crocodile-infested rivers. The 'Mara', as Masai Mara is also known, is among the best wildlife reserves not just in Kenya but also in Africa and the aim of this website, Masai Mara .Travel, is to offer comprehensive information to guide visitors and tourists in planning their visit or for booking a Safari in Masai Mara, suited to their preference. Travelers are expected to have numerous questions while planning their visit, everything from which is the best month to visit, to which is the better reserve, Serengeti or Masai Mara or even information on how to book a trip to this magnificent reserve. We aim to answer most if not all your questions through this platform.

In case you require any information, guidance or suggestions regarding a visit or to plan a Kenya Safari to Masai Mara, Africa's premium Game Reserve, do get in touch with us via email. We are also available on Chat or on Skype.

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There are several exciting activities one can enjoy in Masai Mara. The most thrilling of these has to be the Hot Air Balloon safari, taken at the break of dawn and ending with a leisurely 'Champagne Bush Breakfast'. This is a truly unique adventure activity and the Mara provides the perfect backdrop for the amazing balloon excursion. The flight lasts for about an hour as you glide gracefully over the African savannah watching the magnificent wildlife below. The pilots are highly experienced and the activity boasts of an exceptional safety record. Another popular experience is visiting a traditional tribal Maasai village which allows visitors a fascinating insight into the unique way of life of the famous Maasai, a nomadic warrior tribe found in Kenya and parts of East Africa. There are also nature walks, bush meals and sundowners as some of the other popular things to do in Masai Mara as a tourist visiting this reserve.


Animals in masai mara

The reserve has a magnificent collection of wildlife and it is quite possible to spot not just the 'Big Five' as often mentioned widely, but also infact the 'Big Nine', to include the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Girrafe, Zebra, Cheetah and Hippo. It is quote possible that due to the nature and richness of flora and fauna in the national park, one can see all of the above animals not just in a single 2-3 hour game drive, but also with a little more luck, within an hour of your drive in the reserve. The section above lists photos and brief information on some of the amazing wildlife and animals that you will find in Masai Mara including a list of Birds commonly seen here. The game reserve is quite the animal kingdom and likely the very best place to see an amazing eco system of African wildlife in the wilderness.

Click on the link above to open the list of animals in Masai Mara. Here you will find information on the many species of mammals and birds naturally habitating in Maasai Mara Game Reserve free and unconfined even across the border into Serengeti National Park, spread over thousands of square miles.

The Masai Mara National Reserve official website can be accessed from the Ministry of Tourism, Kenya Government or Narok County Government.