Park Entry Fees & Rules

Entry fees to Nairobi National Park is based on the residency status and the time of the year the tourists are visiting the park. There are three park fee tiers. East Africa Citizens, Residents and Non - Residents. East Africa Citizens refers to Kenya Citizens with valid National ID / Passports and citizens of Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan in possesion of valid Passports. Residents refer to persons of any nationality residing in Kenya with valid documentation from the Kenyan government while the last category, "Non Residents" or "Foreign Tourists" refers to foreign visitors who do not reside in Kenya.

For Non Residents, if you are visiting during the low season, the entrance fee is USD 40 per adult per day and USD 20 per child under the 12 years of age.
If visiting during the high season the entry fee increases to USD 60 per adult per day and USD 20 per child. Note all information and fees listed here is subject to change without notice and should be confirmed for accuracy with the KWS authorities.

How to Pay / Mode of Payment: Payment in Cash is not accepatable. You can pay via Visa & Mastercard as well as the local Kenyan Mpesa phone payment. Citizens and Residents of Kenya are required to carry identification and proof of residence to avail the cheaper Resident rates.

Nairobi National Park Entrance Fees Applicable 2022 ~2023

Low Season ~ March to June High Season ~ July to February
east african resident/kenya citizen ~ Low Season east african resident/kenya citizen ~ High Season
Adult US$ 40 US$ 60 Ksh 400 Ksh 500
Child*** US$ 20 US$ 20 Ksh 215 Ksh 215
Student**** US$ 20 Ksh 215 Ksh 215

**Resident rates are applicable to residents of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Visitors are required to present their National ID (for Kenyan citizens) or Passport displaying Work permits or appropriate Visas to prove resident status upon entrance into the reserve. Visitors without a valid passport are required to pay the non-resident rates.

*** Child rates are applicable to persons 3 to 11 years old. Persons under 3 are free.

****Students rates are only applicable for persons aged up to 23 years old, sponsored by a recognized learning institution, and in possession of a valid student ID and visiting the reserve on a pre arranged school-organised trip or for research authorized by KWS ticketing office at Nairobi National Park. Students must obtain permission to use these special rates at least two weeks in advance of their visit.

Vehicle entry fees

safari vehicle
Less than 6 seats Ksh 300
6 - 12 seats Ksh 1,030
13 - 24 seats Ksh 2,585
25 - 44 seats Ksh 4,050
45 seats and above Ksh 5,000
1 - 3 tons Ksh 515
4 - 7 tons Ksh 2,155
8 tons and above Ksh 3,015

aircraft single landing fees

aircraft capacity landing fees
Up to 3 seats Ksh 300
3 - 6 seats Ksh 500
7 - 14 seats Ksh 1,000
15 - 20 seats Ksh 2,155
21 seats and above Ksh 3,015

Nairobi National Park Rules

Various National Park Rules are in place to ensure that tourists are able to enjoy their visit without endangering themselves or the wildlife in the park. Please respect the Nairobi National Park rules and the park officials who are there to protect visitors, the wildlife and the environment.

Below are Park Rules and Regulations:

Leave the park undisturbed by not leaving or removing anything, animate or inanimate.

Our eco-system depends on a very delicate balance. The less we disturb it the longer we can enjoy it.