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Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization : ETA How to apply, Cost & Link to Official Website

The Kenyan Government announced that from 01st January 2024, travelers to Kenya will not require a Visa and will instead apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization. The ETA system has replaced the eVisa system for Kenya and is currently in effect.

Click here for the official ETA Kenya website eTA KENYA and follow the detailed application procedure. The processing fee is USD 30, payable online at time of application. All non Kenyan citizen visitors, including infants and children, who intend to travel to the Republic of Kenya are required to have an approved eTA before the start of their journey.

To implement this new policy, Kenya has launched an online digital platform to ensure that all travellers to Kenya are identified and undergo the required security clearance prior to their travel to Kenya. Not having to apply for a Visa is a major advantage for travelers and the ETA ensures Kenya maintains basic safety and security when allowing visitors into the country. Visitors must apply for the eTA via and pay a processing fee of USD 30. It is recommended that travelers apply for the ETA at least 3 days prior to their travel to Kenya so as to ensure adequate time for receiving authorisation. Travelers may submit their applications as early as 3 months prior to travel. It is recommended that travellers apply as soon as they have reserved their flight tickets and accommodations / tour packages in Kenya.

The Ministry of Interior and National Administration, State Department for Immigration and the Citizen has developed and is operating the Republic of Kenya Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA).
Kenya eTA is a semi-automated system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to Kenya. An eTA offers permission to travel and is authorised by the Government of the Republic of Kenya. An eTA does not determine whether a traveller is admissible to enter Kenya. Immigration officers will determine admissibility upon travellers’ arrival.
Kenya Citizens are exempt from the eTA.
Citizen of EAC Partner States are exempt from the eTA.

The eTA application collects biographic information and answers to eligibility questions from the traveller. eTA applications for Kenya should be submitted at least 3 days prior to travel to ensure adequate time for authorisation. Travellers can submit their applications up to 3 months prior to travel. It is highly recommended that travellers apply as soon as they have booked their accommodations and transport tickets.

If you expect to travel to Kenya regularly or have multiple trips planned, we highly encourage you to download the “Kenya Travel Authorisation” mobile app that will be made available in January. You will be able to securely save your travel documents and profile on your phone which can be reused for future travel.Each eligible traveller is required to apply for an eTA before starting travel. It is mandatory to use the Government's official website to submit your application. Applications submitted via third party websites will be automatically denied. For children under the age of 18, the legal guardian, parent or accompanying adult is responsible for filling the application.

Benefits of Kenya eTA system:
Kenya eTA enables travellers to submit all relevant information and documentation from the comfort of their homes before starting their trip. Travellers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they meet the requirements for travel to Kenya.
Travellers do not need to fill out forms on the plane or at arrival anymore. Kenya eTA also benefits airlines by simplifying the check-in process. Transport carriers can easily verify that travellers have been authorised to travel by the Government of the Republic of Kenya and are in possession of an approved eTA. Kenya eTA will improve arrival processes into the Republic of Kenya by reducing the queues on arrival for health, customs, and immigration inspections. Kenya eTA supports the efforts of the Republic of Kenya to digitise its government processes.

What to do if you are Refused / Decline the ETA: If your application has been denied, you will not be allowed to travel at this moment. Contact [email protected] to report your situation and obtain further details

Do Children or Infants also require the Kenya eTA ? Yes, all foreign visitors must apply for an eTA. For children under the age of 18, the legal guardian, parent or accompanying adult is responsible for filling in the application. We highly recommend that families apply as a group.

What Information is Required for an eTA Application
Valid Passport
Recent passport picture OR a selfie picture taken during application process
Contact details (home address, telephone, email).
Travel information and flight itinerary (arrival flight number, date of departure of initial flight in case of connecting flights).
Proof of booking for the hotel you will be staying at (if staying with friends, a letter of invitation is accepted).
Yellow fever vaccination certificate if coming from endemic countries (please check the WHO website for the updated list of countries).
Credit/Debit card information for payment, if applicable

Does an eTA Guarantee Permission to Travel ?No. An eTA is permission from the Kenyan Government to travel to the Republic of Kenya and it is mandatory to present a valid eTA during the check-in and boarding process. However, travelers may still be denied boarding by the carrier if other required documents such as passports and/or boarding pass are not presented. In additiontravelrs may be subjected to questioning at the point of departure or arrival. This might result in you being denied access to the means of transport.

What to do if my Means of Payment has been declined / refused For all visitors, the system will require a valid Credit or Debit card to make payment and complete the transaction. Cheques and cash are not accepted by the system. If the payment does not work, please wait a few minutes and try again, or check to make sure you have sufficient funds on the means of payment that you used.

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